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  • Jessica Daykin

Independent Body Shops vs. Large Franchise Shops

Updated: Mar 2, 2022

You’ve been in an auto accident. Now you are faced with the feat of searching through Google’s endless list of “body shops near me.” Most likely, the first page of search results will be filled with all of the large franchise collision centers. It must be because they are the best option, right? Wrong.

Here are three reasons why local, independent auto body repair shops are the better option to pursue:

1. Fast Turnaround Time

As you may find, many of the big-name auto body repair franchises such as Maaco, Service King, and Caliber Collision have a lengthy waiting list or long turnaround time for repairs due to high volume. Smaller, locally owned and independent body shops with less traffic usually have no waiting list and more time to focus on your vehicle’s repair.

2. Better Quality Repairs

Because smaller collision repair shops have less volume and must provide quality work to remain competitive, a majority of the time you’ll discover that their auto body repairs are of better quality. The larger franchise body shops are focused on satisfying insurance companies, not customers, and are more likely to take shortcuts to keep up with their volume.

3. Affordable Pricing

Independent local body shops are often willing to do what they can to make car repairs affordable. They have more ability to work with pricing and save you money. Some may even go as far as helping you with your insurance deductible or offer financing options.

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