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  • Jessica Daykin

5 Reasons to Use a Local Hail Repair Shop

Every year, immediately proceeding a hail storm, hundreds of hail companies flock to the affected area with the same goal: fix as many cars as possible, as fast as possible, by any means necessary. In the highly competitive climate following a significant hail event, these hail companies will often offer a plethora of gimmicks to entice customers to chose them. They may offer free hail repair, money back on repairs, $0 deductibles, etc. So, what’s the catch, you wonder? Here are the top five reasons it is in your benefit to choose a local, independent body shop rather than a temporary “pop-up” PDR shop.

1. A Secure Warranty

Local auto body or hail repair shops can offer a warranty they can honor. It is impossible for a temporary shop to stand behind a warranty if they will be leaving town as soon as work dies down. Often they will disconnect their phone numbers or are impossible to reach once they pack up and leave. If you have any issues with a repair from a local shop that offers a warranty, you can rest assured that you will be able to contact them, return to their facility, and have your issue resolved.

2. Quality Repairs

A trusted, local collision center or paintless dent repair company will have trained, experienced, and professional technicians on staff that will provide quality work. They will not rush through a job, cut corners, or cause further damage a vehicle in order to quickly move of to the next vehicle. Also, because local repair shops thrive from earning repeat customers and customer referrals, it is in their best interest to provide you with an exceptional experience and quality repair. You will not be treated like just another number.

3. Trusted by Insurance

Often, local body shops and PDR facilities are “in network” or “preferred providers” by auto insurance companies. For a shop to be part of such networks or DRPs (Direct Repair Programs), they must meet rigorous guidelines and high standards provided by the insurance. You can trust that the facility, its technicians, equipment, and business practices have been thoroughly vetted by the insurance company if they are part of any auto insurance’s DRP.

4. Support Local Business

When you chose a local auto hail repair company, you are supporting local business owners and individuals from your community. You’re helping to provide work and jobs for people in your town, who will turn around and reinvest their earnings into the area that you live in, helping it to thrive. You’ll also be more likely to have a personal repair experience with great customer service from a team that strives to earn your future business.

5. Service After Your Repair

Months or years after you’ve had your vehicle’s hail damage fixed by a local hail repair shop, you’ll be able to return to them for future paintless dent repair services: door dings, hood dents, body creases, or anything else not hail related. And if there does happen to be another hailstorm that damages your vehicle, within the same season or years later, you’ll know you can return to the same company that helped you before. Pick a company that can help you now and in the future.

If you want the best repair experience possible, a second opinion on your claim, or if you want to get off a long waitlist from another shop, Precision Hail and Collision is a local Hail Repair facility that is ready to help it’s community. We offer no pressure consultations, repair plans, and decades of experience that will provide you with confidence to choose the best option for you.

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